The Law Office of David J. Workman

Serving Redondo Beach, CA
At The Law Office of David J. Workman, we are intensely focused on serving the legal needs of our clients in Redondo Beach, CA. We understand that each case is unique and so we offer the personalized attention and committed focus your case deserves. Our experienced staff is adept at handling cases where the outcome affects more than one family member. Using our knowledge of the law and expertise in negotiations, we can ensure that the interests of our clients are best served. 
Estate and Probate Law in Redondo Beach, CA
Whether your case requires legal representation from an estate planning lawyer, conservatorship attorney, wills and trusts attorney, or guardianship lawyer, our staff is here to assist you. We have helped hundreds of clients to achieve successful resolutions to their cases whether involving amicable or more complex negotiations. As your probate lawyer, we will take the necessary time to consult with you and assess your goals for your individual case. 
Personal Injury Law Help
The staff of David J. Workman is fully cognizant of the complexities involved in a personal injury case. While recovering from your injuries and sorting through legal details, you are trying to keep up with your daily expenses and medical bills. We work hard to procure your rightful compensation and as your personal injury attorney, we will do everything possible to ensure a successful resolution to your injury claim. 
We are also here to provide legal representation as a bankruptcy attorney with an in depth understanding of the bankruptcy code. Let us help you prevent foreclosure, wage garnishment, or vehicular repossession. 
Contact the attorneys at The Law Office of David J. Workman at (310) 543-1151 for assistance with your legal concerns. We offer a FREE initial consultation so that you can get the representation you deserve today
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